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Training and consultancy

One hour intensive practitioner-professional counseling can help you save a few years on your business and take a leap forward. Take advantage of not only your own, but our experience – register for consultation!

KLOVIMA professionals will provide you with valuable advice on the following issues:

Setting up of transport companies – all answers to questions from A to Z from professionals.

Work organization in a transport company
– necessary resources, effective organisation of staff work, maximum efficiency of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and profitability.

Financial flow planning in the transport company – resource allocation for maximum benefits. When it is worth saving, and where better to spend more?

Consultations on selection and installation of accounting and management programs
– choosing the accounting software. Functions and cross cuts necessary for successful transport business Programmes best suited to the specific needs of transport companies?

Repair cost optimization. Vehicle repair and maintenance represents a significant part of costs of transport companies. Most efficient use of fines and saving options, when it is worth to pay more to get a longer-term solution. Independent opinion of experienced professionals will help for your decisions and saving your repair funds.

Insurance. Are you sure your insurance covers you will against all reasonable risks? There are cases when companies learn two lead that their insurance coverage is not available in some cases, i.e. when the event has occurred. Do not get your insurance blindly – listen to the opinion of professionals.

During the consultations, KLOVIMA specialists will listen to your needs and help to choose the best insurance, will advise on the main issues when making insurance contracts and give you other valuable practical advice.

Where to start?

  • Fill out the request form.
  • KLOVIMA professionals will contact you to better ascertain your need for consultation and arrange its time.
  • After a phone call, we will send you a questionnaire that will help you better prepare for consultation and will raise important issues.
  • Write down any questions you have and be sure to ask a specialist during consultation.