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Training and consultancy

Ignorance does not exempt from liability. Consequences of ignorance in the transportation business can be very painful. Therefore, do not take risks – invest in high-quality training for drivers.

KLOVIMA training for drivers is useful not only for dummies, but also professionals. The training will introduce you to the rules on the transport of cargo and provide valuable theoretical and practical information.

KLOVIMA driver training:

ADR Convention – the most relevant information to drivers on transport of dangerous goods, EU-wide rules and specific requirements in certain countries. During the training, drivers will learn the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for successful functioning.

ERTA Convention
–  everything the driver needs to know in road vehicle crews on international routes.

CMR Convention
– special training for drivers. No one is immune to disaster, and if it happens, the employee needs to know their obligations and rights. Damaged or lost cargo. Liability of the carriage driver, carrier or freight forwarder. Drivers will get answers to these and other questions during the CMR Convention training.