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Training and consultancy

Successful performance of administrative staff – long-term success. KLOVIMA organizes training for transport company administration specialists.

Effective organization of work.
Best organisation of work and time management. Useful tricks can be extremely valuable in your work and yield visible results.

KLOVIMA specialists with long-term experience will show you untapped opportunities of your staff and will help to organise the teamwork even more efficiently.

ADR Convention – most relevant information for professionals and other administrative staff about the transport of dangerous goods, EU-wide regulations and specific requirements in certain countries.

ERTA Convention – European Agreement on operation of road transport crews of vehicles engaged in international routes. The training for transport company managers, logistic managers and other administrative professionals.

CMR Convention - this Convention applies to road vehicles transporting cargo for remuneration under contracts, when the shipper and the recipient are in different countries and at least one of them is a member of the Convention. Training for transport company managers and other professionals directly involved in the transportation process.

Labour law - training of human resource professionals and other administrative staff. Staff recruitment procedures, required documents, types of contracts, rights and obligations of employees and employers, dismissal procedures – all this and much more during the training.